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How do Teams and Athletes work in BR1?

Users can create and join Teams. Teams can only have 1 owners, this owner has the permissions to set the revenue share model of the Team and fund the Team wallet.

Through the team, owners can identify and invite athletes with a strong K/D. If these players accept the owners team invitation, they will have a toggle in their main menu in-game that enables them to play beneath their Teams banner, or as a solo public player (normal player).

The major difference is when you play under the Team, your spawns are paid for by the Team wallet (Team owner) and all earnings you accrue in game are split with the Team owner based on the teams assigned rev share model. This can be 50/50, 60/40, or 80/20.

Revenue Share

Team owners set the revenue share model at team formation. If 50/50 this means that although the owner pays the athletes spawn fee, all earnings in-game are split as such that the owner gets 50% of the players earnings, despite the associated spawn fee.

Player Staking

Team owners fund the Teams wallet. Athletes automatically have their spawn fees deducted from the team wallet.

The owner can pause atheletes, or remove them from their team at anytime, as can atheltes leave a team whenever they want.

Team Management & Leveling

Levelling up your team provides advantages like:

  • Increased Member Slots

  • Discounts on Store purchases & Mints

  • Private Server functionality with Revenue share

  • % Rake Back on all Team Member collected service fees.

At the release of Teams functionality we will release more information about leveing, and how $BR1 plays into Teams & Team members.

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