๐Ÿ”ฉ$BR1 Utility

$BR1 Functionality

Forming teams requires a specific amount of $BR1. Leveling your team also requires $BR1.

Use $BR1 to open Loot Boxes. Currently $BR1 fee is waived.

To claim certain premium items from the INFINITE Pass, requires spending $BR1.

$BR1 is required to unlock certain in-game Missions.

Pay-to-Spawn with $BR1

Play a specific Pay-to-spawn Kill-to-earn Game modes with $BR1

Cash Out Fee

A small amount of $BR1 is required as a gas fee to process any cash outs.

Buy Assets

Use $BR1 as a mechanism to buy assets from our Store or in the Peer-to-peer marketplace.

Stake your Operatives & Weapon NFTs in the rental pool and earn $BR1

Rent a Max Loadout in game and receive additional $BR1 points while playing.

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