Risk Based Shooter

BR1: INFINITE is the world's first risk based shooter where gamers pay to spawn and kill to earn. There are different risk modes, $0.10, $0.25, $1.00, etc. In the $1.00 risk mode, you pay $1.00 to spawn, and for every player you eliminate, you earn $1.00.
As you play BR1: INFINITE, for every player you kill, you win rewards paid in real money. The more kills a player secures, the higher their earnings.
There is no start or finish in BR1: INFINITE. The game never ends, only when you die or survive are you able to leave the game.

Risk Modes

In BR1: INFINITE, there are different Risk Modes that players can choose from, each offering a distinct experience and reward structure. Below, we describe Free-for-All and the $USD risk modes.
  1. 1.
    Free-for-All is a risk-free mode where players can enter the game without any entry fee. There is no cost to join, so it is suitable for players who want to practice, explore the game mechanics, or simply have fun without any commitment. However, there are Missions in Free-for-All where players can earn rewards. They can also gain experience and level up their account.
  2. 2.
    The Real Money/Risk Based Game Modes, in these modes, players need to pay an entry fee to participate. Risk based game modes range from $0.10-$10.00. Based on a users risk mode, they will earn a specific amount of $USD per kill. I.e. in the $1.00 risk mode, you pay $1.00 to enter the server and earn $1.00 for every kill. We take a percentage of all player earnings.
Each Risk Mode provides players with different risk & reward opportunities. This allows players to choose the level of risk they are comfortable with while still participating in the real money game mode.

Earnings & Operative Retention Bonuses

Depending on the BR1: Operative & BR1: Weapons you have equipped, it is possible to increase your ROI on every kill with an added 'Earnings Retention Bonus'. This bonus reduces the BR1 service fee, and increases the underlying profitability of every kill you achieve. An Operative's 'Earnings Retention Bonus' can be identified in its description.
Operative Selection UI
Some BR1: Operatives and Weapons have a 0.5%-10% earnings retention bonus.
Weapon Selection UI

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Learning Game Mechanics

BR1: INFINITE is a thrilling but complex gaming ecosystem. In addition to the in-game tutorial and what you may have already read, there are features and mechanics that correspond to the game that are very much worth your time to learn. Things like: