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Elimination & Survival

Elimination or Survival
In the game's current state, there is no advantage to either method of exiting the game, but in the future, there may be benefits to Survival

Exit Through Elimination

When you are eliminated, you retain 90% of your denominated earnings, are kicked out of the game and prompted to either 'Play Again' or 'Return to Main Menu'. For example if you earn $1.00, you will retain $0.90.

Exit Through Survival

In the top right corner of your screen, under your denominated earnings, you can see your Survival clock. It comes in the form of a short blue bar that fills over 10 minutes.
Once the bar is full, you can trigger the action button (F10) to start a 10 second countdown, that when complete, will automatically take you out of the game.
To survive, a player must remain still and not take damage for the entirety of the countdown.
  • The countdown will reset after any movement or damage.
  • Currently Survival acts as a function that enables you to maintain a strong K/D, but in the future rewards may be granted for surviving vs being eliminated.
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