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Learn some basic and tactical movements

Basic Movement

Players have the freedom to move seamlessly in all directions, including forward, backward, left, and right. The WASD keys control the character's basic movement, allowing for quick adjustments and evasive maneuvers.


By pressing the Shift key, players can toggle sprinting, significantly increasing their movement speed. Sprinting is ideal for covering open spaces quickly or escaping danger, but it comes at the cost of reduced weapon readiness and increased noise.


The Space Bar enables players to jump, providing access to higher ground, evading obstacles, or surprising opponents.


The CTRL key allows players to toggle crouch, reducing their profile and making them a smaller target.


Players can initiate a slide by sprinting and then holding the Space Bar key, allowing them to quickly maneuver under obstacles or into cover.

Tactical Roll

Roll by pressing 'Q' to move faster, evade bullets and mitigate taking damage. Rolling also enables you to navigate under low hanging obstacles obstructing your movement.

Interacting with Environment

Certain surfaces can be climbed, and players can use environmental objects such as ziplines, ladders or nets to navigate vertically or horizontally.