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Shooting & Aiming

Learn the basics of shooting and aiming
Mastering these shooting techniques and understanding their strengths and weaknesses will be crucial to gaining an edge over your opponents in the ever-changing battles of BR1: INFINITE.

Hip Fire (Third-Person: Left Mouse Button to Shoot)

When you opt for hip fire, you prioritize speed and mobility over precision. This technique allows you to fire your weapon swiftly without aiming down sights, making it ideal for close-quarters encounters. However, the trade-off is reduced accuracy, which can make hitting distant targets more challenging.

Aim Fire (Third-Person: Hold Right Mouse Button)

Engaging in aim fire strikes a balance between speed and accuracy. By aiming down sights in third-person, you gain improved accuracy compared to hip fire. This technique is especially useful for medium-range engagements, allowing you to maintain a level of precision while keeping a broader view of your surroundings.

First-Person Fire (Hold Right Mouse Button + Press Z)

For those aiming for maximum accuracy, first-person fire is the go-to technique. Aiming down sights in first-person provides exceptional accuracy and allows you to effectively engage targets at greater distances. However, the narrower field of view might make it more challenging to track fast-moving opponents in close proximity.

Enhanced First Person Aiming

When wielding a sniper rifle in first-person mode, you unlock an enhanced level of precision and control. By pressing the Middle Mouse Button, you can seamlessly toggle an additional level of zoom. Furthermore, the first-person perspective offers a unique advantage to snipers. By holding down the Shift key, you can steady your aim and hold your breath, reducing scope sway and enhancing stability.

POV Strafing

Use Tab to switch your camera view from left to right. Using this tactical control players can more effectively see around corners and other obstructions.