Unlock more with the INFINITE PASS
The BR1: INFINITE PASS is a seasonal progression system that offers players a tiered reward structure with various in-game items, like BR1: Operatives, BR1: Weapons, XP, USDC, and more. They can claim these rewards by playing matches, leveling up, and completing missions.
The INFINITE PASS is free for all users in Season 0. In future seasons all users have access to the INFINITE PASS, but certain rewards are reserved for those who purchase the pass. These rewards are distinguished by the INFINITE PASS badge.

Leveling up & Claiming Rewards

As you gain experience from playing BR1: INFINITE, your account also gains levels. Accounts have an all-time level and a seasonal level that resets with each active game season.
With each seasonal level that you gain, you can unlock a reward from the INFINITE PASS. Rewards become available at different levels and vary in value. They can include XP, USDC, Operatives, Weapons, and Loot Boxes.

Missions & Claiming Rewards

The INFINITE PASS also grants users access to missions and quests. Each mission has its own reward and when a user meets the criteria of any one of these missions, they can claim the associated reward. Missions can be anything from getting x-Headshots, to x-Kills with a specific BR1: Weapon or Operative.
Mission rewards can be XP, Free Entry Fees, Operatives, Weapons and Loot Boxes. can be XP, Free Entry Fees, Operatives, Weapons and Loot Boxes.

Why Pay for the INFINITE PASS?

No reason at all, we are giving it to EVERY user for free in Season 0. In future seasons the INFINITE PASS will enable those who have it to exclusively:
  • Gain Experience & level up faster
  • Claim Rewards for INFINITE PASS holders AND the free tiers
  • Gain access to INFINITE PASS badge labeled missions
  • Flex your OG status with Season based Badges.
  • Private Lobby Functionality (Create & Host your own games, you choose the entry fee & rules)