๐Ÿ“•$READY Utility

$READY token is the BRAVO READY ecosystem token. A deflationary currency for use predominantly as a way to allocate token distribution for our game releases, consumed in 'high tier' functionality within our partnered games, used in our marketplace and community governance.

Use Case #1: Mint $READY and get $BR1 -for free

The first use of $READY is its use in the BR1: INFINITE TGE. By minting our ecosystem token $READY you will also get a relative supply of our BR1 token $BR1 at launch. Additionally, $READY can also be used to buy into the BR1 token at a discount during its limited presale.

This means that early participants can convert their $READY to $BR1 at a discounted rate during this liquidity event, or choose to sell their $READY to others enabling them to participate in the discounted phase of the $BR1 pre-sale.


Airdrop Catalyst

Hold & stake $READY to receive airdrops from all of our partners as they launch their games and products.

Minting & Discounts

Use $READY to mint partnered tokens at a discount

Buy Assets

Use $READY as a mechanism to buy exclusive assets from our Store or user marketplace.

Cash Outs

Cash out your earnings in USDC, $BR1 or $READY


Stake your $READY to earn additional game based rewards from the BRAVO READY ecosystem, and other reward opportunities like NFTs and token airdrops from our partners.


$READY will be used as a tool for voting on various Creator & Community Program events related to our partnered games.

I.e. Skin creation competitions, UGC events, Gif competitions.

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