BR1: Weapons

Learn about the BR1: Weapons system!
There are many different weapons in BR1: INFINITE. They can vary from melee weapons to long-range weapons. You can learn more about each individual weapon category in the Weapons & Items Guide.

Base Weapons

When a player opens BR1: INFINITE for the first time, they are given a set of Base Weapons to use in-game. With these weapons, you can customize your Loadout & Backpack to ensure you spawn with the items you want to use in your hot bar. More information on the Base Weapons in the Weapons & Items Guide.
You can always press ' i ' in game to open your backpack and drag different weapons into your hot bar.

Weapon Skins

Players are able to obtain different Weapon Skins for each weapon to add to their in-game aesthetic, additionally some weapon skins provide an 'Earnings Retention Bonus' in-game. Earnings retention bonuses go up to 5% per weapon, and can be stacked to achieve the max earnings bonus. Users can equip a maximum of 10 Weapon Skins + 1 Operative to achieve the highest earnings bonus possible.

Weapon Sets

If a player manages to collect the same Weapon Skin for each weapon category, they will be granted a higher 'Earnings Retention Bonus'. This Earnings Retention Bonus will depend on the rarity of the Weapon Set.


Weapon Skins and Weapon Sets vary in Rarity, similar to BR1: Operatives. The overall aesthetic and Earnings Retention bonus depends on how rare the skin/set is.